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This project has to be my all time favorite from working with my team at Engler. Overall this took almost a year to complete from gathering the questionaire answers from students and alumni to getting the right visuals or fonts for each infographic.


Focus group copy_Page_2.jpg
Focus group copy_Page_1.jpg
Notes taken from a student focus group of underclass and upperclass students. 
Featuring Randy, a toy dinosaur hidden around the Engler classrooms/ common area.
Photos of Engler's founder Paul as a kid on his family farm.
Students and Staff from one of the Engler Treks.
Plus license plates from each state Engler has/had a student from over the last 10 years. 
2017-18 - Number 5_Page_1.jpg
2017-18 - Number 5_Page_2.jpg
Updating the 'Engler Trail Guide' of classes and modules from the 2016 graphic to match the Engler brand.
Changed the orientation to feel more like you're actually using a map and force the reader to interact with the magazine.
Designed to look like the wall from the Engler space with student business photos and some of the key words actually written by students. 
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